Tropical Delivery

Tropical Delivery

Date added: 11/04/2018

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Tropical Delivery is an awesome delivery game which you can play on friv online games for free. You are in a gorgeous tropical island paradise and your mission is to transport the commodity in your truck safely and all in one piece to the final destination safely. It is very difficult for you to conquer the game because the race track is very rugged with many slopes.

Balance your truck when you are on the slopes in order to not roll over. Besides, control your speed for your cargo to not fall off of the wagon. Before playing, you are allowed to choose the weather such as midday, sunny, rain, and night and your payload like crates, ammo or barrels in friv 2018 kids games. These things can have an effect on what score you can gain and of course the difficulty of your mission.

You have to move a certain distance to complete the mission. Your playing time is counted on the bar on the screen. The shortest time you finish, the more points and stars you gain. There are 2 different routes: the straight line is rougher and contains more difficulties but it is shorter and the round route is longer but flatter. Challenge yourself in both 2 ways. Complete the first mission to unlock the next one. Prove your worth as a cargo driver by conquering the tropical island.

Remember to rate the game highly and share it with your friends to have fun in the free time. Tell me how many scores you can gain in the comments box. Play more games on like Bike Trial and Bike Trials: Wasteland.

Game controls:

Use WASD or arrow keys to drive and Spacebar to use the handbrake.

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